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Stand Up Collection

Stand Up Collection

With “Del Shores My Sordid Life”, he turns the table sharing real-life stories that have inspired his writing- and more!  Yes, there was a man with two wooden legs, but did his grandmother trip over them and die while having a sordid affair?  Did his mother really ask, “What exactly do you do… when you’re gay?” (“Sordid Lives”)? Were prayers really answered and a matching vein found in a vein bank in Baton Rouge to replace his Uncle Humpty’s collapsed one? (“Southern Baptist Sissies”)  What relative really shot a policeman in the “saliva gland” and shoulder (“Trailer Trash Housewife”)?  What was his aunt’s reaction to seeing herself as the multi-married bar-singer Evalita in “Daddy’s Dyin’”?


After a sold-out 40-city nationwide tour, “Sordid Lives” creator Del Shores just filmed his hilarious stand-up show DEL SHORES SORDID CONFESSIONS at the legendary Rose Room in Dallas, Texas.  The DVD for “Del Shores Sordid Confessions” is available! Each DVD is autographed by Del… even personalized if want!  (When ordering, just put a note to Del in the “Special Instructions” box at checkout!) It’s Del Shores at his funniest, his raunchiest, and without a doubt… his most sordid!!  If you’re a fan of Del’s writing (including the cult movie and series “Sordid Lives”), you MUST own this hysterical one-man performance!!


In DEL SHORES NAKED.SORDID.REALITY, he shares more sordid stories about his Texas family, reads letters he’s written to the haters (including Newt and Kirk Cameron), acts out scenes from your favorite reality shows (including Hoarders and The Real Housewives) and yes, he will address his new, unexpected, single life. “Del says what most people think. He has no censor — on or offstage. Audiences love him because of his ‘bless-their-hearts’ Texas charm,” explains Caroline Rhea. “Look, I’ve had a rough few months, okay. I’m bitter and mean and don’t give a shit, so no telling what I’ll say this time!” Shores warns. Limited Premiere Party Collectors Edition

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